Shopping evenings & shopping Sunday

Opening hours and opening dates of shops in Maastricht.

Shopping evenings - general

The weekly shopping evening in Maastricht is generally scheduled on Thursday until 9 PM. The shop owners in the city decided this together in order to be able to better serve their clients during these extra fixed hours. However, as the Shopping Hours Act allows shops to remain open from Monday to Saturday (incl.) until 10 PM, some shops are also open on other evenings. For more detailed information, please contact the shop owner concerned.

Shopping Sundays in general
(Almost) every Sunday, shop owners in the city centre are allowed to open their shops between 12 PM and 6 PM.

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Paid parking on shopping Sundays
Paid street parking will apply during shopping Sundays and other holidays when shops are open.

Additional information
On the following holidays, all shops must be closed and no dispensation is given for shopping: Easter Sunday, Whit Sunday, first and second day of Christmas, and New Year's Day. On Good Friday, 4 May, and 24 December, all shops must close no later than 7 PM. The Queen's Birthday (30 April) and the anniversary celebration on 5 May are not considered as holidays, so that shops can remain open during normal hours on 30 April and 5 May unless one of these days happens to fall on a Sunday or a holiday (e.g. Easter, Ascension, or Whitsun).